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  • High ceilings
  • Month to month rentals
  • Online bill payment
  • All 4 major credit cards accepted

Advanced Revenue Management

The Self Storage Manager program comes with an advanced Revenue Management feature that enables self storage operators to fluctuate and adjust their unit rental prices for each site or for multiple locations right from the corporate/central office.

This feature is based on one of the two primary factors –
  • Occupancy levels - Auto adjust your pricing based on increasing or decreasing occupancy
  • Competitor pricing - Match your competition pricing or set to a lower variance
Again, within these 2 categories, there are several different options that can be selected so that the unit rental charges for vacant units can be automatically increased or decreased. Additionally one can also control and determine the specific discount or multiple discounts that can be dynamically applied while renting out the units.

You can also enable and control automatic rental increases for existing tenants based on some key parameters such as
  • Occupancy
  • Date of last rental increase
  • Variation in the street rate from the current rate
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