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Call Tracker

To know what advertising strategy works best for your business, it is very important to analyze the response you receive for your advertising campaigns and evaluate them to identify the highest lead generators. Focusing on the most effective advertising campaigns not only gives better visibility to your business, but also helps you save marketing expenses, build a strong sales pipeline and increase revenue. Hence, it is very essential to keep track of customer calls and identify the ad source of each call so that you can make smarter decisions on your advertising campaigns and maximize your “Calls to Lead” and “Leads to Rental” conversions.

Self Storage Manager, a Total Solutions Provider for the self-storage industry, has developed yet another innovative application – Call Tracker, a Cloud based call tracking solution designed to assist you in managing and analyzing your calls. Using the valuable statistics and analytics provided by Call Tracker, you can measure the ROI on each advertising campaign and reallocate your advertising expenses to significantly increase the number of leads.
  • Ability to track the ad source for each lead
  • Multiple dashboards that give you a quick overview of important Call Statistics
  • Maintain information on your advertising campaigns including the allocated costs
  • Find out the “Cost per Lead” for each advertising campaign
  • Monitor call recordings between your tenants and call center agents/site staff
  • Make quick calls to customers with “Click to Call”
  • Obtain detailed Call Logs and view daily statistics
  • "Make-a-Call” feature allows your customers to make calls directly from your website
  • Easy to setup and implement
  • Make informed decisions including reallocating marketing expenses by measuring the ROI on Advertising Campaigns
  • Improve quality control by listening to the recorded calls
  • All call recordings are stored on the “Cloud”, so you don’t need to worry about investing in any hardware
  • View the missed calls for previous dates and follow up with your customers
  • Identify the geographical locations where your advertising campaigns are generating the most leads
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