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We build strategic client relationships, with a proven track record of delivering superior customer service, and the business we receive because of existing client referrals is proof of this. Please read our client testimonials to hear what they have to say about us.

VP Operations, large Multi-Facility Self Storage Operator with 50+ sites spread across Canada

“After evaluating Self Storage Manager at three of our locations for several months, we decided to implement the management software in all 50+ Canadian locations. The decision was based on the ease of conversion from our legacy TaskMasterTM application, rich functionality and excellent customer support. The software is fully compliant with Canadian statutory requirements and met all of the requirements of our IT, Operations and Accounting teams. We chose to host the site database utilizing the remote server option, allowing us to be one step ahead of the curve in data security. The integrated CRM module will be implemented once all properties have been converted. Its ability to interface to our Nortel phone system is a solution we needed. I would recommend Self Storage Manager to other multi-site self-storage operators who are looking for a complete management software solution.”

President, large Multi-Facility Self Storage Operator with 40+ sites, CA

"We conducted an extensive evaluation of management software from a number of software vendors and selected Self Storage Manager, mainly due to the excellent reference we received about their software and support services from other self storage operators, their responsiveness in answering our queries, their ability to quickly add requested features and willingness to interface to 3rd party systems such as our phone system. Self Storage Manager corporate office module will make it easier for us to standardize the operations across all our facilities. We are also impressed with their CRM module, which is specifically designed for the self storage industry and will assist us in further improving our customer service. Self Storage Manager is also a customer-focused company and we look forward to a long term association with Self Storage Manager."

Self Storage Facility Owner, CO

"Our implementation experience was excellent and the technical support we are receiving is outstanding! We selected Self Storage Manager because of its advanced features, its ease of use, ability to function in a multi-user environment and product stability. The rapid data conversion and professional training provided by Self Storage Manager implementation team exceeded our expectations. Self Storage Manager has helped us to significantly improve our rental process and customer service by eliminating inherent problems and errors prevalent in our previous management software. I would recommend Self Storage Manager to everyone in the industry."

Self Storage Facility Owner with 3 facilities, KY

"Self Storage Manager is well suited for our storage facility and offers all the functionality necessary for streamlining the rental process. We are pleased with quality and responsiveness of their customer support which is available 7 days a week. I am impressed with the fact that Self Storage Manager releases a new version every six months with enhances developed based on customer feedback. With the implementation of Self Storage Manager, we have gained better control on our rental process and improved our service to our tenants."

Self Storage Facility Owner with 8 sites head quartered in MA

"After extensive research and numerous product demonstrations, we concluded that Self Storage Manager is best suited for our business and offers all the functionality necessary for streamlining our rental process and tracking the leads right from the inquiry stage to rentals. I am highly impressed with the interactions we had with all members of the Self Storage Manager project team. The data conversions and implementing the interfaces to various third-party systems are not always easy, but Self Storage Manager project team invested the required time and have been patient throughout the implementation process. Right from the support analysts to implementation supervisor and project manager, everyone has spent the time to teach us and answer all of our questions. Self Storage Manager has demonstrated a unique customer centric focus in taking our recommendations for report changes, functionality enhancements etc. and shown a willingness to incorporate our requests in to the Self Storage Manager software. Our entire team recognizes the unique efforts of Self Storage Manager project team and is grateful for all of their efforts. I would recommend Self Storage Manager to anyone in the self-storage business."

Operations Director, Self Storage Facility, MS

"I evaluated management software's from a number of vendors and settled on Self Storage Manager after concluding that Self Storage Manager was the most intuitive to learn and use. We felt that it offered us the industry specific custom solution that had the most functionality while being a cost effective solution at the same time. We are happy with the rapid installation, professional training and seamless implementation provided remotely by its international support team. I recommend the Self Storage Manager product without reservation. The customer support has always been readily available, prompt, professional, and efficient. Self Storage Manager far exceeded our expectations so far in terms of fast and efficient service when needed."

Self Storage Facility Owner, Norwich, UK

"After using the Self Storage Manager program for almost 8 months, I certainly feel that this program is terrific. I am very impressed with every feature, functionality and of course cost of Self Storage Manager. This software program is going to save us a lot of time invariably increasing efficiency. The customer support offered by Self Storage Manager is incredible. I would not hesitate recommending Self Storage Manager to anyone that ever talks to me!"

Self Storage Facility Owner, Preston, UK

"We have been using Self Storage Manager and found that the software is quite straight forward and user friendly. I am delighted to note that our business process has improved significantly after the implementation of Self Storage Manager and its superior features, right from tenant reservations to management reports. Self Storage Manager customer support team is one of the most attentive and efficient we have come across in any application we have purchased and are very pleased with our experience. I would recommend Self Storage Manager to anyone in the storage business."

President, Self Storage Facility, ON, Canada

"We decided to implement Self Storage Manager as it was a great fit for our business. The software was fully compliant with all the Canadian statutory requirements and also helped us in drastically reducing the waiting time for our customers when they move in. We are also very pleased with the cordial and sincere effort by their implementation and support team to help us to get started with the program. We would be glad to recommend Self Storage Manager to others."

IT Operations Specialist, Self-Storage operator with 8 sites, DE

"After searching for several months for the right fit, we chose Self Storage Manager and the Self Storage Manager product to update our antiquated legacy system at all eight of our sites. This was a paradigm move on our part and the Self Storage Manager team was exceptional with their support during the conversion process and since."

Self Storage Facility Owner with 3 facilities, IA

"I needed simple but comprehensive management software for our facilities. I decided on Self Storage Manager which is feature rich, comprehensive and very easy to use. The corporate office module simplifies the process of streamlining business rules across the facilities. Driver's license scanning interface helps our managers to capture the tenant information quickly.

General Manager, Self Storage Facility, CA & HI

"We evaluated many software products before deciding that Self Storage Manager is the best value for money. We have chosen Self Storage Manager because of the flexibility and the functionality the product offers. Self Storage Manager ensured smooth conversion from our legacy Winsen software by offering onsite training, implementation and data conversion services. We are very pleased so far with Self Storage Manager and the services offered by Self Storage Manager including their ability to customize the software quickly to meet some of our unique needs. Also, the customer support offered by Self Storage Manager is excellent. Self Storage Manager not only provides support seven days a week but also provides us remote data backup services for offsite storage."

Founder and Managing Director, Self-Storage Operator with 5 Sites, UAE

"We looked exhaustively at several options and concluded that Self Storage Manager was the best choice as it offered the right blend of functionality and flexibility to meet our business requirements. We were also influenced in our decision to go with Self Storage Manager due to the willingness of Self Storage Manager to customize some features of the product for us and we also get customer support 7 days a week that covers our normal operating hours."

President, large Multi-Facility Self Storage Operator with 12+ sites, CA

"As with any conversion, there were many challenges that we had to face in switching over to a new management software. However we are extremely happy with the ease of conversion to Self Storage Manager. The entire team at Self Storage Manager worked very closely with us during the whole transition process and we are truly amazed with the patience, and professionalism exhibited by their implementation team and the easy access to their executive team at all times. Self Storage Manager customer service is remarkably prompt! Their 24x7 customer service is like no other. With their can-do attitude and willingness to listen to us and accommodate many features unique to our business, our decision to switch to Self Storage Manager was truly justified. We look forward to implementing many of the advanced features and modules that Self Storage Manager offers. I truly believe that Self Storage Manager is a customer-focused company and will be happy to recommend Self Storage Manager to other operators."

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